Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer, but most cases in the UK are not diagnosed until at an advanced stage and survival rates are low compared to other forms of cancer. An oral cancer screening can help dentists to diagnose the condition early. If your dentist does notice early warning signs, they can arrange for you to see a specialist and start treatment as quickly as possible. Survival rates are up to 90% higher when the disease is diagnosed early.

At Dental Arts Studio we are committed to the fight against oral cancer. During routine check-ups we will look for early warning signs of oral cancer, including red or white patches in the mouth and slow-healing sores. We also offer screening tests to help diagnose the condition early, which only take a few minutes and are painless – it can go a long way to increasing survival rates.

Oral cancer facts

Public awareness of oral cancer is low compared to other forms of cancer. As a result of this people are unaware of the symptoms and causes of the disease. We have provided some facts about oral cancer, which we hope will keep you better informed:

  • The number of oral cancer cases in the UK has doubled in the last decade.
  • 5 people die from oral cancer every day in the UK.
  • The death rate is high because the majority of cases are diagnosed when the cancer is at an advanced stage.
  • Smoking and alcohol are major risk factors; if you drink and smoke you are up to 30 times more likely to develop mouth cancer.
  • Exposure to the Human Papilloma Virus can also increase the risk of mouth cancer.
  • The number of young people being diagnosed with oral cancer is increasing year on year.